Easy Riding

I started my ride late yesterday so I wasn’t able to cover a ton of distance. It was 2 pm by the time I woke up and had my bike repaired and road ready again. The last two days of riding have been pretty easy.

The riding since I have gotten to Ontario has been pretty easy for the most part. The terrain and weather have not been as challenging here as they were in other provinces. I did have a few days of intense humidity, but over all I have seen minimal rain and head winds. When you are biking up to 300 kilometres a day, the little things end up making a really big difference.

I camped out just outside of Blind River last night putting around another 150 kilometres behind me and putting me within striking distance of North Bay. I hope to have a big day on the bike tomorrow and out around 300 kn behind me.

When I went to set up my tent last night I headed down a trail a bit off of the road and off the trail  To my surprise I came upon a massive pile of leaves. I am not sure where it came from, but it guaranteed me  the most comfortable sleep in a tent ever. Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference. The terrain was otherwise pretty rocky around the area where I was camping so I really lucked out on the leaves.


Who needs a mattress?


My team said they weren’t able to drum up any media opportunities in Sault Ste. Marie so I am hoping that we may be more successful in Sudbury and North Bay.  Because I am on a bike and a lot of things can happen in a given day it is hard for me to project where I will end up on any given night, let alone more than a few days in advance. My teams have been great about generating opportunities for me to speak to the press despite the short lead times I sometimes provide them.

I hope to be in the Barrie area by Thursday, and Toronto by Friday night where I am planning on at least staying through the weekend.  Ottawa will at the very least take me three leisurely days of riding after that although my teams are hoping that I can stretch out my trip between Toronto and Ottawa a bit to capitalize on any media opportunities along the way.

Over all Ontario has been less hills, more people, more civilization, more farms, and the same amount of mosquitoes, if not more. I hate mosquitos, and they are really started to drive me nuts. They seem to be immune to my insect repellant.  Hopefully the bigger cities I will be in for the next few days will provide me with a break



Total KM Biked: 4,384 KM




One thought on “Easy Riding

  1. Hi Cayse, Awesome ride and love the blog which I follow regularly. I’m keeping the grass cut and holding the fort here on Piperville Road. Picking up your mom at the airport tonight (Wed). Looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa and checking out the fabulous shape you must be in by now. I’ve kept some of the guys on the hockey team hooked in to your travels as we. Keep safe!
    Mango Dave

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