Lost and Found



Me in Thunder Bay visiting the Terry Fox Statue

It only took me three days, but I made it through the cellular signal dead zone that is known as Northern Ontario. The last update on my blog had me leaving Thunder Bay a couple of days ago. I advised my teams I was heading to Terrace Bay, followed by Wawa, Ontario over the following two days. I had told my team that cell signals were sketchy at best in the area, and that would seem to have been a bit of an understatement (… at least for Telus’s network)

There was about a three day period where I was unable to get a cell signal, which made the Outlive Yourself team nervous. I usually touch base with them a few times a day to update them on my ride, to see if there are any media opportunities available, confirm my route, and see if they were able to assist me in finding a place to stay.  I had tried to stop at a few restaurants along the way to use their wifi but luck didn’t seem to be on my side with the internet not working for one reason or another anywhere I stopped.


Unfortunately the gorgeous view, and wide open skies did not help me with cell phone reception. But I still enjoyed the view

After not hearing from me for about 55 hours my teams called the OPP and Thunder Bay police to let them know that I may have been potentially missing somewhere in Northern Ontario.  The last time they had any communication with me was Friday morning, from there it was radio silence until I was about 60 kilometres outside of Sault Ste. Marie on mid-day Monday.  That covered about four days, and 700 kilometres of riding.

When I was finally able to get cell signal the first thing I did was touch base with my team to let them know that I was alright, and had continued to make progress and put kilometres behind me. They were happy to hear from me, as they had started discussing having someone come up to Northern Ontario to start searching for me if they hadn’t heard from me by Monday night. They did let me know that they potentially had a place for me to stay in Sault Ste. Marie but would have touch base with the family who had offered to host me to ensure that I still had a place to stay for the evening.  My next step was to return the voicemail that the OPP had left for me on my cell.

Obviously with 3 days out of contact there is a lot to share with all of the people who are following my blog. Stay tuned later today, for more details about my last couple days of riding.


Being out of the cell phone reception was more stressful for the Outlive Yourself team than it was for me. I even managed to stop by the beach for a little bit





One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. So glad to hear from you again!!! Cycling along the spine of Lake Superior without a connection must have been magnificent and lonely. HL

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