What’s Up, Upsala?

I took off from Dryden, Ontario yesterday morning biking through some rain. I anticipated I would be riding wet for most of the day based on the forecasts.  The forecasts were not correct. The rain cleared up after mid-morning, but the clouds and the humidity stayed. I am not sure if this counts as improved weather though,the rain at least helps me stay cool on my bike in this humidity. By late afternoon the sun was back out, which makes my rides a little warmer as well.

I was able to cover good distance today covering 211 of the 367 km between Dryden and Thunder Bay which landed me in Upsala, Ontario. I kept things simple for dinner filling up on a combination of energy bars, almonds and whey protein. For the weigh I just eat a couple scoops and  just wash it down with water, who has time to mix things these days anyways?


Another night of road side camping

I spent the night roadside in my tent with plans to get going early this morning.  Although it is nice to be back in my home province of Ontario, there are bugs everywhere, and it has been very sticky because of the humidity. The roads here are also a little tougher to navigate. The shoulders are not as wide as in other provinces, and I have to be constantly on the lookout and listening for truckers It is almost enough to make a guy miss the flat plains of the Prairies…. almost.

Tonight I plan to hit Thunder Bay, in what will be the official halfway point of my trip.  I can’t believe I was able to make it this far in just 22 days. I had originally budgeted a month to get to Thunder Bay so I am almost a week ahead of where I would anticipate that I would be.

My next big goal is to get to Toronto by July 6, as my team is putting together an event for me there to raise awareness and welcome me back to the city. It will be great to see some familiar faces, and having a hard date I have to be in Toronto is a huge motivation for me when I get tired and helps me plan out a timeline and distances. I have until  next Saturday to make it 1,400 kilometres. No Pressure

In Thunder Bay I will be staying with some friends, visiting the Terry Fox statue, and going out for dinner with a heart transplant recipient who traveled to the South Pole with Test Your Limits earlier this year. I am hoping to talk with a few more local media as well to keep spreading the word on organ donation.

If you live in Ontario and would like to sign up to be an organ donor please visit BeADonor.ca



Total KM Biked:  3,378



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