Hot Hot Heat


A shot of the shoreline in Kenora, Ontario


Another selfie to add to my growing collection.

Yesterday I managed to bike 140 kilometres to Dryden. This was well short of my intended goal. I had planned to stop in Dryden for lunch and continue on to make my way to Thunder Bay tomorrow, but a few things slowed me down.

I was able to connect with the a local radio station in the morning to do some outreach on my journey and organ donation awareness. Unfortunately it also meant that I was a little delayed getting out of Kenora, but the trade off to help spread my message and hopefully encourage a few new organ donors is more than worth it. I also came up against a new challenge today that I haven’t had to face on my ride yet, heat and humidity.  I found myself having to stop more often just to get some shade and re-hydrate. Combine that with a few hills and it looks like I won’t be making it to Thunder Bay for at least two more days. The fact that I re-entered the Eastern Time Zone technically cost me an hour of my day.

Stopping in Dryden however definitely did have a silver lining. The good people at the Comfort Inn were offered me a room to stay again (They have been lifesavers on this trip) and I was able to get in touch with some local media to do some additional outreach this morning. I plan on starting a little bit later today to avoid the early morning fog that settles over the area due to the current weather.

My plan today is to cover as much of the 357 KM to Thunder Bay as possible before camping roadside and finishing up the trip tomorrow. It is raining which should help with the heat, and since I will already be wet there is no reason to use that as an excuse to stop biking.

In Thunder Bay I hope to meet up with an organ donor who travelled to the South Pole with Test Your Limits. Test Your Limits goal is to raise awareness for heart failure research, cardiac transplantation and heart health by climbing mountains and skiing to the ends of world. One of the people involved with Test Your Limits is  Dr. Heather Ross, who was Matt’s transplant doctor. Dr. Ross traveled to the South Pole this spring with transplant patients and brought the Iron Ring he received from the Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie University. Much like me Dr. Ross used Matthew as an inspiration on her journey, and also placed Matt’s ring on the South Pole when she reached it before returning it to his family.

south pole

A picture of Matthew Antolin’s Iron Ring on the South Pole

To bike between the 150-300 kilometeres I have been putting behind be requires a lot of fuel for my body, I am pretty much always hungry and can eat like a champ. The extra work of biking all of the distance everyday only adds to my naturally healthy appetite.


Dinner in Kenora was two medium Domino’s pizzas. Loaded with protein of course.


Last night for dinner I had two foot long Subway subs, and followed it up with a late night snack of three Junior McChiken’s from McDonald’s. I don’t think I need to worry too much about my metabolism right now


Total Kilometres Biked: 3,167



3 thoughts on “Hot Hot Heat

  1. I think what you are doing is amazing!!! my sister had a liver transplant in December and a kidney from my brother in January!!! She just had a check-up today and all is well. I am so happy and grateful for this and for you raising awareness, We met a lot of amazing people in Toronto still waiting for their miracle. Thank you and be safe!!!

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