Ontario: Mine to Discover

This morning was different from other mornings when I have gotten on the road. For the first time I had company with me. Jillian of Transplant Plant Manitoba, and Joe, a organ recipient were kind enough to ride with me for a bit before I left Winnipeg today .


Photo of Jill and I after bikin outside in Winnipeg for a bit. Photo Credits go to Joe

Jillian was super nice, and Joe was quite the conversationalist. He was really outgoing, and was always excited to talk to people about organ donation.  We took a ride out to the road in Winnipeg together, said our goodbyes and I started my trip from Winnipeg to Kenora, Ontario. I officially made it back to my home province of Ontario. I’ve switched from the flat Prairies to rocks, trees and water of Ontario. The change has been nice. I can’t believe I already put four provinces behind me and more than 3,000 kilometers. The ride was pretty easy yesterday with beautiful weather, and the wind at my back. I have included a few pictures from my travels below.


Fun Fact about Kenora, despite being in Ontario it is part of the Central Time Zone. I didn’t even know there were cities in Ontario not on EST.




Ontario: There are a lot of rocks, trees and water out here


I can now say I have officially biked down the middle of Canada

I had a room offered to me at the Comfort Inn in Kenora. I would like to send a shout out to Outlive Yourself team member Dave Allingham and his contacts at the Comfort Inn/Choice Hotels for helping to provide me with a place to stay at several points over my trip. I came into this trip preparing to camp quite a bit, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have been offered beds due to the kindness of strangers, or through friends of friends. After tonight I will be camping roadside for the evening en route to Thunder Bay.

 It is nice to be getting close to Toronto and Ottawa. I have had a lot of people following me and rooting along the way, so it will be great to see everyone. It doesn’t feel like I’ve even been gone that long. But even after I reach Toronto I will have more than 2,000 kilometres to travel. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with the Outlive Yourself Team, which has simplified the logistics of my trip for me. From finding beds, to contacting media, and responding to the people who have reached out to me via the blog and twitter. It can be pretty hard to get cell reception when I am between towns. Recently, my team has been in contact with Give2Live Campaign and Helene Campbell’s teams. Helene tweeted at me early in my ride that he had wanted to bike with me for a bit when I got out to Ottawa.


Helene’s teams filled us in on the Give2Live campaign, and I think it is phenomenal. It supports families who need to relocate to within 2 hours of a transplant zone when they have a family member listed for an organ transplant.  A few people have reached out to me about providing financial support. If you would like to support me, please consider a donation to help Give2Live reach their goal of supporting 30 families during a very difficult time.


Check out the Give2LiveCampaign here

My team is also putting together an event for when I get to Toronto, where we hope to raise awareness and donations for Give2Live. They are still ironing out the details, but the event will be held on July 6. Stay tuned for more information, I would love to meet the people who have been following along on my trip and are helping me make an impact.

Last night I finally got to see my first hockey game in a while, which also happened the be the last one of the season.  I am a Leafs fans, so I was rooting for the Hawks, since cheering for the Bruins would be sacrilegious. I guess Toronto’s melt down against Boston will no longer be remembered as the biggest meltdown of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs after the Bruins game six performance.  I am going to be having a quick chat with the Kenora Daily Miner before  starting my two day journey to Thunder Bay.


Kilometres Biked: 3028
Provinces Biked: 4




4 thoughts on “Ontario: Mine to Discover

    • Hi Helen

      Cayse looks like Cayse will be stopping in Dryden tonight where he is being put up by the Comfort Inn again. Cayse actually doesn’t mind camping road side, and thought he would be doing it throughout his trip. Unfortunately there are pretty long gaps some time between cities.

      We have a team of people who help find him places to stay, Cayse also reaches out to his extended friends networks so we can find somewhere to put him up

      Robert Antolin
      The Outlive Yourself Team

  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to ride with you Cayse! We love what you are doing and are excited for the adventures and opportunities you have coming up in your home province.

    Transplant Manitoba and SignUpForLife.ca

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