On to Ontario

Yesterday was a relaxing day in Winnipeg, it is always nice to spend a day off the bike. I sat down with reporters from Global and CBC Winnipeg today, and met up with a photographer from the Winnipeg Free Press. Meeting with the media is a bonus on my rest days. I know it helps to provide me with a platform to raise organ donation awareness.


Olive(dog), Nicole (Daughter), Debbie and Richard Brokopp were nice enough to put me up for the night


I would like to thank the Brokkopp family(Richard,Debbie, Nicole and Olive), Bev Dube(mother of Debbie), and Lois Meilleur (sister of Debbie)  for helping me to get my bike fixed here in Winnipeg, and providing me with a place to stay. I would also like to give a shout out to Alter – Ego Sport Winnipeg. It was the best bike shop experience I have had in my life. The staff were super friendly and provided awesome service in a flash. They were a pleasure to deal with and helped with my wheel repair, and getting some more tubes for my wheels.


I will take off this morning with some company for the first time on my ride. Jill from Transplant Manitoba, and Joe, a organ donor recipient, will be joining me on my ride out of Winnipeg and escort me a bit to the east. After the take off I plan to put 230 kilometres behind me make it to Kenora, Ontario. Hopefully the wind will be at my back and allow me to make decent time. I’m excited to make it back to my home province. There are a lot of people in Ontario, so I am hoping that I can continue to build on the momentum we have built with the media so far.

I have been asked by my team members what it is like to be planning to put 230 kilometres behind me during a day considering I started off in Tofino aiming for 100 to 150 kilometres a day.  230 kilometres is a number I feel confident that I can do, it is just about putting the time in and getting it done. Having the wind at my back makes the days ride much easier.

Getting used to the distances has been a little like training camp from when I played Rugby at McGill, or the lawn maintenance and landscaping business I used to run back in Ottawa. The first two weeks of any challenge are an adjustment to the demands it places on your body.  But once you suck it up and do it, your realize that it isn’t nearly as tough as you thought.

My team have told me they are planning an event for July 6th in Toronto to raise some money for Organ Donation and hopefully sign up some new donors. I am excited to get to see some familiar faces, and to get a chance to see my team who has been helping me with logistics while I spend my days on a bike.

After that the next big stop will be my hometown Ottawa, then on to St. John’s.

Kilometres Biked so far today: 0 km




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