A new donor, another storm, and making some new friends


I arrived in Winnipeg last evening after spending the previous night at the Comfort Inn in Brandon. It was great to have a warm dry place to stay after two nights camping road side.  An even bigger bonus for me was when Nancy, an employee at the Comfort Inn signed up to be an organ donor.



My bike ride across Canada has been raising awareness for organ donation. Every time a new donor signs up, not only do I know that my trip is a success, but it also has to potential to positively impact many peoples lives. Each new donor could potentially save up to eight people and impact the lives of 75 others one day. There is a reason why they call organ donation the gift of life.

Unfortunately, my days ride wasn’t as warm and pleasant as Nancy.  Once I got about two hours outside of Brandon I biked through stormy weather and high winds. I got completely drenched while only being able to get up to about 25 kilometres an hour. I added a flat tire on top of that, my eighth or ninth of the trip so far , so I will be grabbing a few extras on my day off today, and replacing some broken spokes on one of my wheels as well.


The faster I go the more wear I put on the tires of my bike. All of the flats but one have been on the back wheel of my bike, since that is wear all of the weight of my supplies sits. 

One of the bonus of my trip is the new people I have got to meet along the way.  One of them is Dave. Dave is a fellow road warrior that I have met a few times along the way.  It’s always nice to see familiar faces in new places.



When I reached Winnipeg last night I went to the exhibition grounds to meet Jill and Joe. Jill works for Manitoba Transplant’s communications team. She reached out to the Outlive Yourself team when a local CBC reporter touched based with her about my journey.  


She let us know that her and Joe, who received a transplanted kidney 37 years ago, were avid bikers, who wanted to join be on my ride for a bit. Apparently Joe had convinced Jill to buy a good bike last year, and both were ready to tag along for a bit. They are planning on joining me as I ride out of Winnipeg on Monday for a bit.


 Today was a rest day, so it was nice to sleep knowing that I didn’t have to put a bunch of kilometres behind me today when I woke up.  My plans included fixing my tire, buying a few more tubes and chatting with some local media in Winnipeg.  I might even spend some time at the Red River Ex today.

Total KM Biked 2798




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