Brandon provides some rest from a 362km 2-day ride in wind and rain

Brandon, Manitoba was such a welcome sight after my last two days of biking!
Last night I was warmly greeted by Darlene at the Comfort Inn Brandon, where I found a safe haven from the wind and the rain of the last few days. I appreciate their generosity. And it was really nice to take a warm shower and dry bed after two days on the road and camping roadside since leaving Regina.
I biked into Brandon fairly early in the day so I seriously considered riding on. I was torn between biking further east toward Winnipeg in poor weather or resting and refueling. Choosing to take some rest, I headed to the grocery store for some much needed fuel. The roasted chicken didn’t stand a chance. It takes about 4000-5000 calories to bike 150 KM and I was ready for some warm food.

Despite biking 2500+ km I haven’t lost any weight yet, which I’m happy about. I still have a ways to go so staying strong and healthy is a goal. I’m feeling pretty good right now, other than some soreness in one knee. I’ll have to make sure I give it some TLC on my rest days.
Biking through the Prairies with the wind at your back can help you get your bike speed up to 45km/hr. Riding into the wind is a different story. It’s a battle for each km and a horizon that seems endless. The Rockies vs. Prairies?? I’ll let you know when I get into Ontario.

RJ Lilley ( Twitter: @JugheadRadio) of 880AM CKLQ in Brandon, tracked me down and we had a great interview. I appreciate their support in giving me a platform to be able to share my story. My ride and journey are about raising organ donation awareness and registration across Canada (in Manitoba you can register at 880AM CKLQ in Brandon gave me a voice in Manitoba. Thanks guys!

I also had a chance to catch up on current events and watched the news reports about the floods in Calgary and other parts of Alberta. Having just finished biking through Canmore, Calgary and Medicine Hat and enjoying the people and the places, it’s difficult to imagine the challenges many face now. My thought and best wishes are with you all…..

My next major destination location centre is Winnipeg, 215km away. I’m starting out early today and hoping the weather cooperates. There may be some rain and storms to challenge! If the wind is at my back, I may make it there tonight where I will stay with friends.

Transplant Manitoba I’m on my way.

Total Kilometers Biked: 2575 KM




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