Against the Wind

Hi All,

It’s Stephen Antolin writing again in place of Cayse.  Unfortunately, a strong head wind prevented him from making as much progress today as he was hoping for. After putting about 9 hours and only 150 KM behind him, he decided to call it a night and set up his tent roadside somewhere between Regina and Brandon. 

The strong gusts of wind were apparent even over the phone as I spoke with him, making it difficult to hear Cayse at points. Just hearing the blustery wind through the receiver was enough to frustrate me, I cannot imagine what it must have been like for Cayse to have had to bike in those conditions all day long. 

Thankfully, Cayse was able to text some photos and details along about the last two days that he asked me to share with you.

1) Cayse was able to meet up with Jacque Tisher in Regina, who he described as a remarkable woman that works as an intensive care nurse and who also operates a school program for medically fragile kids. 


Remarkable as Jacque may seem already, Cayse said the most incredible thing about her was her courage and generosity in the face of unimaginable tragedy.  Unfortunately, Jacque’s daughter unexpectedly passed away at the age of 18 just over a year ago.  At that point, Jacque and her family made the decision to donate her daughters organs–  believing it to be an opportunity to share the gift of life on her daughters behalf. 

And so, although Jacque’s daughter is no longer alive, six of her organs were donated that day, and served as life-saving transplants for five different individuals.  To this day, Jacque and her family continue to work as passionate advocates for the cause of organ and tissue donation.

Few stories are more inspiring and heartwarming as this one.  Even fewer individuals are as courageous and selfless as Jacques. 

2) On a lighter note, Cayse said he had a wonderful day exploring Regina with Kristyn and Erin.  Need proof, look at these wonderful photos!



3) Don’t feel too bad that Cayse is camping once again, he has wonderful company.  Check out that fox! (not Cayse, the actual animal)



Total Kilometers Biked: Approx. 2150 KM 

Much Love,

Stephen Antolin 


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