Canadian Nature

Another day over, another couple hundred kilometers behind me.  228KM to be exact.


Yesterday was perhaps the most challenging day of riding yet.  While I have biked over more difficult terrain and for longer distances, I have not had to deal with bad weather for any long stretch of time.  That is until yesterday, when the last four hours of my ride were spent biking into driving rain towards Swift Current, Saskatchewan where I arrived both smelling and looking like a wet dog.


 Thanks to Murray, Leanne and Dalton Chalk for agreeing to put me up in spite of the fact that I looked a little bit worse for wear.

I was able to connect with the Chalk family through Abi, owner of the Dream Catcher Hostel where I stayed in Golden, AB. Upon finding out my route through the Prairies, Abi was insistent that I stay with her brother in-laws’ family in Swift Current.  And so, here I am with the Chalk Family—once strangers, now fast friends.


This is only one of the many examples of the kindness and generosity that I have experienced at every stop of my journey.  Time and again individuals have reached out to me to offer their support: be it a warm meal, a place to spend the night or even just words of encouragement. I feel supported by so many people as I go about this incredible journey.

Even when I have taken the time to speak with strangers about the cause of organ donation I have found them extremely receptive to my message. As was the case with a group of road crew workers that I met at a diner just outside of Medicine Hat, AB.  Upon hearing about my journey, my inspiration and my mission they were excited to sign their organ registry cards– right there on the spot!  This is only one of many experiences that I have had like this.

I truly believe that these acts of generosity and kindness are not heroic feats, but simply reflective of our nature as Canadians.  I feel so blessed to have experienced this first hand day after day, moment after moment.

It has made me realize that low donor registration rate is not so much because Canadians are unwilling to give, but more so because they are unaware of the amazing impact that their choice may have in the lives of others.  And so I ride, hoping to spread the word one conversation at a time so that all may share in the kindness and generosity that is our Canadian nature.

Please continue to help me in spreading the word.

Total Kilometers Biked: 1755 KM




One thought on “Canadian Nature

  1. Hope the wind IS at your back. The weather looks good for today. Good luck on the rest of your journey, and you know we will all make sure we sign our organ donor cards. Thanks Cayse. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you here. Murray and Leanne and Dalton Chalk

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