With the Wind at My Back

I arrived in Medicine Hat yesterday exhausted but empowered.   I was left with barely enough energy to dismount the bike, but in that moment I felt capable of just about anything.

Just hours earlier I set out with the impossible goal of biking 300 KM in a single day, nearly twice my daily average to this point.  Two flat tires, a gallon of chocolate milk and 10.5 hours later I rolled into Medicine Hat to stay with Gary and Joy Groves, owners of the Groves B & B.

IMG_0105 Image


Yesterday’s ride was as mentally exhausting as it was physically.  On more then one occasion I had talk myself out of the urge to just set up my tent roadside and call it a day.  I had to work hard to talk myself back onto the bike. Somehow, against my better judgment, I was able to endure through it all and accomplish what I set out to do.



And in doing that, I came to realize the gift and the curse that is the Prairies.  With the flat, straight roads and the west wind at my back I am able travel faster then I ever have to this point (45 KM/hour); however, the big sky and the open fields make me feel like I am on a stationary bike.  The landscape is both endless and constant.  There are no mountains to bike towards or over, no lakes to bike past.  I am left with only the company of my bike and my thoughts, and that is more difficult than you can imagine.

Each new day brings with it a new challenge. On to a new city and a new province tomorrow.  Swift Current, Saskatchewan here I come!



Total Kilometers Biked:   1527 KM




One thought on “With the Wind at My Back

  1. Hi Cayse

    I will be back in Regina Monday afternoon. Please email or give me a call / text 306.551.5617 if you would like to grab a bite to eat or need anything.

    Kerri Sent from my iPhone

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