A Wild Rest in the Wild West

I spent yesterday relaxing in Calgary, touring around the city and visiting with friends, so there is not much to update you on the biking side of things today.  Personally, however, there were a number of amazing developments. 

1) Jeanine McColl, one of Stephen Antolin’s good friends from his time at Me to We/Free The Children, who lives in Calgary reached out to me yesterday.  She wanted to support the Outlive Yourself journey by offering up her skills as an Athletic Therapist to stretch me out and massage me.

 Given that my quads, hamstrings and back feel like they are already carved out of wood—and I only have about 7000 KMs to go—I was happy to take her up on the offer.  I… feel…. infinitely… better! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeanine for all the help. 


2) I was able to get out and enjoy a B.C. Lions-Calgary Stampeder’s pre-season CFL game with some friends.  Unfortunately, my cheering didn’t help the home side as they came up short 29-27.



3) Janet Dirks from CTV News met up with me to put together a story about my journey that aired on the 5:30 and 6:00pm news out in Calgary and Lethbridge!! You can see more about the story here: http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/man-honours-friend-with-cross-country-fundraiser-1.1326236


I am so moved by the continued support and interest that this journey has generated.   

 As for the biking?  I hit the road extra hard today to make up for the lost time.  The plan is to put 300KM behind me and make it all the way to Medicine Hat for tonight.  Wish me luck, I am going to need it. 

Total Kilometers Biked:  1232KM



4 thoughts on “A Wild Rest in the Wild West

  1. Cayse buddy! My father came across your name and informed me off your incredible journey and your cause! I absolutely applaud and admire you for such determination. You were an incredible worker from the day I met you and I’m proud of you, and to know you. Good luck on your journey! Btw my blue speed bike is still for sale of you still want it!

  2. Hi Cayse, did you end up visiting with your Aunt Marilyn and Eric in Calgary as I did not see it mentioned in your Blog for today.Just wondering Love Sue and Dad too

    • Cayse did end up meeting up with his Aunt and shared a dinner. Unfortunately his cousin was out in Vancouver so they were not able to connect while he was in town. He did not stay with his aunt but instead a friend Brendan, pictured at the CFL game with him.

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