Welcome to Wild Rose Country

I have officially entered Wild Rose Country, having biked down the final steps of the Rockies and into Calgary yesterday.  The big hills have been traded for big skies and the contrast could not be more stark.  I honestly never thought I would be so happy to see the flat, expansive nothingness of the Prairies.



ImageThe part of the Rockies that I will miss was the downhills—at one point I was going about 70 KM on my bike! It was exhilarating, and I took a video of it that I will try to upload shortly to give you some sense of what it was like. 

By contrast the Prairie road is stretched out to the horizon, and though the views may be a little less sublime then the Rockies (sorry Prairies), the flat, straight terrain had me travelling as many as 35 KM an hour.  Unfortunately, any time that I gained with the quicker speeds was lost by not one, not two… but three flat tires!!! 



If ever there was a sign that it was time to take a day off I think this was it.  I plan on relaxing in Calgary tomorrow, restocking supplies and perhaps even getting stretched out and massaged by an Athletic Therapist.  I may or may not enjoy my share of cold beers and Alberta Beef while I am here too.  Many thanks to Becky Thom and her boyfriend Dave for putting me up.  



Total Kilometers Biked: 1232 KM




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