A New Day, A New Province


After spending nearly 9 hours and approximately 170 KM on the bike yesterday I arrived safely in Canmore, Alberta and spent the night.  It was a difficult day of biking that saw me climb to an elevation of nearly 1800 meters at Lake Louise, the highest point that I will reach on this journey.

While I had the energy to bike the 10 KM detour it took to reach Lake Louise – a glimpse of heaven on earth— regrettably, I was too exhausted by the time I passed through Banff to get off the highway or my bike.  At that point, I was single-minded in my focus of getting to Canmore as quickly as possible for a warm meal, a cold beer and some company. 


Image It is hard to believe I have been on this journey for 10 days already.  It is also hard to believe that it has only been 10 days. Both my body and my spirits are a little fatigued after a tough couple of days riding, and I am looking forward to a bit of a break over the next two days.  I plan to bike about 100 KM onto Calgary today, spend tomorrow resting and touring the city, and then continue on towards Medicine Hat on Saturday.     

I am proud of all that I have been able to accomplish up to this point: biking over 1000 KM across BC and into Alberta, conquering the Rockies, speaking with various media outlets about the importance of organ donation and meeting old and new friends along the way.  I am also eternally grateful for the love, support, kindness and generosity that has been shown to me to this point.

However, even with all that I have accomplished so far I know that many more KMs, obstacles and challenges lay in front of me.  There is a long road ahead– public interest may wane, my resolve my waver, and the aches and pains will surely continue to amount.  Through it all, I hope we continue to draw inspiration and purpose in knowing the positive impact we are having on lives others, and I hope you, like myself, remain as dedicated as ever to this important cause.


 Total Kilometers Biked: 1125 KM



8 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Province

  1. god bless u for taking it to the road and telling people about organ donation. Its a cause that needs to be out there. As a mother of a donor I know how organ donation has changed the lives of many. I have been lucky enough to meet the recipient of my sons heart and see all the good he has been able to do after he left us. We need to make everyone aware of all the good that can be done by being a donor. So shout it from the highest mountain and tell them all to sign a donor card. I hope when u come threw my area that I will be able to meet u because u are a hero in my eyes

    • Hi Lise,

      Thank you from the depths of out heart for sharing the story of your son. Your decisions to donate is an incredibly selfless one that enabled joy and love to fill the lives of so many others.

      One of the goals of this website is to share stories by those affected by the cause of organ donation- be they donor families or recipients- in order to put names and faces to this remarkable cause. Would you have any interest in sharing yours and your sons story with us so that we can post it online? Please let us know either way.

      Feel free to contact me back at stephen.antolin@gmail.com if you would like to talk further.

      All out love from the Outlive Yourself team,
      Stephen Antolin

  2. So awesome….when will you be in Ontario?
    Bike safe, enjoy this adventure…..and wear sunscreen 😉

    • Hi Jeni,
      Thanks so much for reaching out and posting a comment.

      Cayse is aiming to be in Ontario for the beginning of July – and we will be certain that he wears lots of sunscreen. He has enough to deal with between flat tires and finding a decent place to eat. The last thing we need is for him to have to ask a stranger to apply aloe on his back. No one should have to endure that!

      Please continue to follow the journey and encourage those in your life to register as organ and tissue donors!

      All the best,
      The Outlive Yourself Team

  3. Cayse,
    When you get to Ontario, near Ottawa, contact me. You have a place to stay, a hot tub and anything else that would help this incredible cause. ( I am not a freak but a huge supporter of trillium)

    • Thanks so much for your support Maureen Rae. We will be sure to continue to provide updates on the blog as Cayse progresses through his journey. He hopes to be in Ottawa in about a months time, and though he has a place to stay (with a lot of family in the area) he would be delighted to meet any and all supporters of his cause.

      All the best,
      The Outlive Yourself team

  4. Cayse….I’m wondering if you have some sort of a sign on the rear of your bike (or your tee-shirt) indicating that you are biking for a cause? I hope you remain safe on your journey. We’re all pulling for you!!
    Your step-nanny xo

    • We are working on getting Cayse a T-Shirt and signage to make him recognizable on the highway. Unfortunately we have not got along to that yet. Thanks for all of the love and the support.

      Cayse and the Outlive Yourself team

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