British Columbia: Check

British Columbia

Cayse just crossed the border into Alberta! One province down, 9 more to go!


3 thoughts on “British Columbia: Check

  1. Happy birthday, you are not alone … Not by a long shot! I’ve been blessed to have a very dear friend receive a double lung transplant in Feb. He is able to travel to a family outing soon…after all these years of being sick….praise be to organ donors! Another close relative has had a liver transplant some 10 years ago, she was not a drinker. I formally registered online to Ontario’s Organ Transplant website the day after my good friends lung transplant. You are an inspiration!!!!!!

    • Hi Bev,

      Thanks so much for reaching out, sharing your stories and offering your encouragement. It means the world to the Outlive Yourself team and those involved with the cause of organ donation to have passionate advocates like yourself promoting the cause. Please continue to share your stories and encourage family members and friends to register as organ and tissue donors.

      All the best,
      The Outlive Yourself team

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