It was another great day of riding from Salmon Arm to Revelstoke, B.C yesterday, putting 103 km behind me. It was almost a blessing that it rained a bit given the torturous climb I endured through the mountains.

Image In spite of the hills and the long hours on the bike, my legs and back continue to feel pretty good; however, I have to admit that my butt is getting a little sore.  Too much info?  Sorry.  Here is to hoping that it toughens up a bit as I get into ‘shape’ and that this is the last you have to hear about this.

 There were a number of highlights from yesterday that deserve to be recounted:

1) Again a huge shout out for the warmth and kindness of Sally Scales, who reached out to a complete (smelly) stranger and offered me a place to stay, a delicious meal and wonderful company.  It is the generosity and commitment of individuals like her that make this journey so worthwhile.

2) The stunning views…


3) The group of German tourists I encountered along the way, who seemed more then mildly flabbergasted when I explained that I was biking across-Canada.  Upon hearing the news they erupted in laughter, became very animated and began speaking German very loudly and very quickly.  It was as funny as it sounds, I am just sorry I didn’t get video of it.

4) Being interviewed by my good university friend Katie Burrell on Stoke FM

5) Celebrating in style with the Revelstoke crew.  I almost forgot that it was my birthday today- they certainly didn’t though.  We had an amazing time trading drinks and stories around the dinner table and camp fire.  I just hope I don’t regret those drinks as I get to biking this morning.



6) The postings on Facebook and Twitter of the new donors! That’s the best birthday gift I could ask for. Thanks to all who did that!




I ride on to Golden today- my last full day in British Columbia.

Total Kilometers Biked: 803 KM


Cayse Ruiter


3 thoughts on “Best…Gift…Ever…

  1. Hi!
    I recently heard about Cayse’s ride and just wanted to say I think what he is doing is absolutely amazing and awesome! I am 26 years old and was lucky enough to receive a liver transplant in August of last year. My donor and their family are my heroes, they have given me my life back. Unfortunately there is a lack of awareness around organ donation. I just wanted to say thank you to Cayse for doing something about it. I’m telling everyone I know about Outlive Yourself. Good luck on your journey!
    PS Happy Birthday!

    • Hi Glenda,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us and passing along your amazing and inspiring story. Thank you also, for passing along your support for Cayse and Outlive Yourself.

      Our goal is much the same as yours- to raise awareness about this important cause that is near and dear to out hearts and get people to register as organ donors.

      One thing that we find helps is when we put names and faces to the cause by sharing stories like yours. Thank you so much for sharing courageously with us, would you have any interest in sharing a more detailed version of your stories on the wait list, after receiving a transplant, and your experiences with the donor family? We would love to help share your story and bring awareness to the very real challenges and joys of this entire process. Please let me know at

      All the best,
      Stephen Antolin and the Outlive Yourself team

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