You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Happy Monday from Salmon Arm everybody!

As I celebrate the one week mark of my departure from Tofino I feel a mixture of things—fatigue and soreness in my legs and lower back from biking everyday, the growl in my lower belly from the impossibility of ever feeling like I’ve eaten enough, and the pride of accomplishment.  But more than anything, I feel overwhelmed by the continued love and support of family, friends and strangers.

So far on my journey I have stayed with family (Skye & Heather), old friends (Jocelyn Murphy, Mark McKeough & Mel Sereda), and some of Matthew’s friends (Tammy Albright & her father).  The last few nights, however, I have stayed with individuals, so moved by my journey and the cause of organ donation that they reached out to me, wanting to do anything and everything to support me and this important cause.

The first group was the staff of the Ashcroft River Inn in Ashcroft, BC who provided me with a warm place to rest my head and one of the heartiest meals that I have ever had.  Pictured below is the manager Antonette, a beautiful woman with a big heart and a bigger style.


Then, last night in Salmon Arm, I had the good fortune of becoming fast friends with Sally Scales.  Sally truly is an incredible women—she is a 75 year old former registered nurse AND newspaper owner who is very passionate about the cause of organ donation.  She also continues to write a column called the Sidewalk Superintendant for the   Having heard about my journey on CTV she reached out to the team via email, wanting to help in whatever way she could. She connected the Outlive Yourself team with every local paper, put us in contact with transplant recipients in the area, and even gave me a place to stay for the night.


 It goes with out saying, but the warmth and generosity of Sally, Antonette and so many more has been absolutely awe-inspiring. It is their passion and commitment to helping others that gives me the energy and courage to continue during even the most trying of times.  Even a thousand thank-you’s is not sufficient enough to express how grateful I am.

On the biking front, things continue go well.  I have been peppered with a bit of rain the last couple of mornings but have been blessed with beautiful, clear skies the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, because of the altitude and difficult terrain I have been covering a little less ground then I would have hoped.  This is partially a conscious choice on my part in order to prevent burn-out and injury.  The upside of this all is that it has afforded some more time to meet incredible people and explore incredible places.  Below are some pictures of beautiful Salmon Arm in the Okanagan Valley.



Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 8.06.18 AM

To the kindness and generosity of strangers and the places yet to come!

Total Kilometers Biked: 700 km


Cayse Ruiter 


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