Into Thin Air

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who continues to follow my journey and share with others about it. 

Outlive Yourself is generating a lot of interest and excitement from both inside and outside of the donor community on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.  This is further reflected in the amazing media coverage we have been fortunate enough to receive so far.  One of my main goals of this journey was to get people talking about organ donation and to this point this goal has been fulfilled.   I hope that we are able to maintain the momentum (literally and metaphorically) as I head into the Rockies, and that we work on getting more and more people registered as organ donors.  Please share photos of any new donors on Facebook.  

Secondly, my apologies that I have not provided more in depth updates over the past couple of days.  I spent Thursday morning speaking with reporter Elaine Yong of Global BC who put together and amazing and inspiring piece that is worth a watch if you have yet to see it.  The rest of the day was spent–surprise surprise– biking from Port Moody, B.C. to Hope, B.C. where I set up a tent not far from the road side.


Some people reading this might think that camping must have been a bitter pill to swallow after a full day of biking, but I assure you this wasn’t the case.  Not only did it give me some time to sit in the quiet beneath the stars, but it gave me some time and space to reflect on all that I have accomplished so far and all that is yet to come (like 7500 km more of biking).  That, and I slept like a log out in the fresh air. 

Yesterday, I arrived at the base of the Rocky Mountains and began my ascent up them.  Though it rained in the morning I was fortunate enough to have clear skies the rest of the way.  Additionally, I was blessed with a pretty strong tail-wind, but for the last 40 km of the trek, which made it slightly easier to deal with the climb and the thinning air.  

So far, I have really enjoyed my time biking in the mountains (I stress the so far because I have a long way to go).  The scenery is absolutely awe-inspiring! I think biking the mountains, as opposed to driving them, has afforded me a deeper connection to and a deeper appreciation of the immensity of the Rockies.  Having never been to the Rockies before, this was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to, and they have not disappointed.  I am somewhat upset that I will have to move through them so quickly, but the show must go on. 




I made it all the way to Ashcroft, BC last night putting a total of 190 km behind me yesterday (for a two day total of 381 km).  I feel so grateful to the staff of Ashcroft River Inn for providing me with a hearty meal and wonderful accommodations for free.  I was definitely in need of both after the last two days.  


Today will be just be a short bike to Kamloops of about 100 km! Wish me luck and I will be sure to keep you posted.

Kilometers Biked last two days: 381 KM

Total Kilometers Biked: 611 KM


Cayse Ruiter


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