Like a rolling stone…


Unfortunately scheduling conflicts prevented Cayse and I (Stephen Antolin) from really connecting yesterday, other then through a brief phone call early in the morning and a series of text messages throughout the day.  Given that, this post is going to be written by me until Cayse have a chance to connect today (cue the disappointed groans).

Momentum for Outlive Yourself movement and the cause of organ and tissue donation seems to be building as Cayse continues to ride eastward.  Not only is Cayse in the running for Sports Babe of the Day, but he was once again  featured on a major metropolitan newscast courtesy of Elaine Yong (@EYongGlobalBC) and the Global BC news team.

 You can check out a brief write up about the interview by clicking here. There are also Vines from the interview posted below.  Global has yet to post the video (which was brilliant) but I will do my best to get it uploaded at some point tomorrow.

Additionally, the Outlive Yourself team continues to work frantically behind the scenes to spread the word about Cayse’s journey and mission on Facebook, Twitter and, believe it or not, even by talking to people in person. Thank you for your patience with our million and one tweets and Facebook updates.  Please do continue to help us with getting this important message out there!

In the days ahead we will begin to feature stories about people affected by the cause of organ donation- from donor recipients to those that have lost loved ones and everyone in between.  The hope is that by having these individuals share their very real tragedies and triumphs, we can put names and faces to this important cause of organ donation and motivate that many more people to act.

We also may be engaging in some pretty hilarious/outrageous outreach antics in the coming weeks that you are all welcome to participate in.  Keep your eyes peeled and ears on the ground!

Until then, keep sending all your love and support to Cayse as he bikes, couch surfs and camps across the country.  His legend continues to build.

And for anyone looking to get more involved in the cause drop me a line at

Much Love,

Stephen Antolin


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