Off and Away.

And so it begins. 

After days and weeks of anticipation I am finally off on this journey and could not be happier with how things started.  I departed Tofino at 7:30 am yesterday morning to clear skies and open roads.  

A big thanks is due to Mark McKeough for his energy and effort in capturing my first few pedal strokes on film and sharing them with you.  And even bigger thanks goes out to the CTV Toronto crew for the story they put together about Outlive Yourself and the cause of organ and tissue donation.  They did a remarkable job capturing both the inspiration for and the importance of my journey.       

If you haven’t seen the clip yet you can watch it here.

Today’s ride—along Pacific coastline, over rolling hills and through mountain passes—was both exhilarating and exhausting.  But for a few leg cramps, I felt pretty strong the entire way.  In total I was able to put approximately 140 km behind me before being picked up at dusk by Tammy Albright, Matt Antolin’s close university friend, and her loving father.  


I will spend the night at their place in Qualicum Beach before hopping back on the bike and heading  onwards to  Nanaimo and then catching the ferry to Vancouver. If all goes according to plan I will bike another 100 km tomorrow, putting me in Vancouver by mid-afternoon and providing me with ample time to explore the city and catch up with friends. 

I know that it is just day one, but once again thank you to all of the family, friends and strangers who have shown their support and shared the message about this cause.   Please know that this journey is not my own, but one we share together as we work to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation.   


Kilometers Biked: 140 km 



Cayse Ruiter 


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