Ready, Set…

ImageI spent yesterday in Tofino relaxing in the sun, surfing, enjoying the company of Mark, Mel and the other friends I have met since my arrival.  I also finally got around to prepping my baggage for the journey.  Other then my iPod shuffle and a trip journal there isn’t much space for amenities. Image

I am set to embark this morning and am preparing spend my days for the next two months biking over all types of terrain, to the tune of about 150km a day.  My nights will be spent camping roadside or couch surfing with friends generous enough to put me up.

Today’s itinerary calls for me to put about 165 km behind me en route to Qualcum Beach where I will be staying with one of Matthew’s closest university friends Tammy Albright from Dalhousie.  I am not entirely sure what to expect as I begin my journey but am excited for every twist, turn and bump along the way.

I will be sure to post pictures, updates and tweets as much as I can throughout the day so that all of you can follow along.   As always, please help me to spread the word about organ and tissue donation by asking your friends and family members to register as donors.

Kilometers Biked: 0



2 thoughts on “Ready, Set…

  1. Love to Tofino. Hope to see you when you come through Ottawa, you’re leaving on the 24th anniversary of my heart transplant! I hope its a good luck omen for you. Safe travels.

    • Hi Leah,

      Firstly, congratulations on the heart transplant and the amazing life you have been able to create for yourself since then. My brother Matt was too waiting for a heart transplant, unfortunately, his wait was a little to lengthy.

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us and passng your support on to Cayse. I am managing the site for Cayse. Would you have any interest in a) riding along with him in Ottawa 2) sharing your story in video/words so that we could upload it to the site and help raise awareness.

      Also, any and all support in spreading the word to your network, family and friends about Cayse’s journey and the cause of organ donation is much apprecaited.

      Much love,
      Stephen Antolin

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