The Anticipation Builds…

I feel truly blessed to have spent the past couple of days in Tofino.  In that time I have had the good fortune of hiking parkland trails and surfing coastal waters, sitting in the company of sunrises and sunsets, and trading drinks and stories with friends old and new.  It has been remarkable.   Come tomorrow morning it is definitely going to be difficult to leave this place. 


ImageWith that being said I am anxious and excited to start my journey. With each passing day my anticipation has been building.  I cannot wait to get on the road and put some kilometers behind me tomorrow, exploring new parts of this beautiful country and meeting friends old and new along the way.

It has been incredible to see the interest that Outlive Yourself has generated over the past couple of days.  Whether it be in the conversations I have had with individuals out here (I was interviewed by Long Beach Radio Tofino!), or all of the chatter on Facebook and Twitter by friends, family and strangers I feel completely overwhelmed by your love, generosity and support! 

Though I will be alone on my bike for long stretches of this journey, I know I will have the love, encouragement and support of all of you along the way.  Knowing this will make things infinitely easier.  

 Here is to making all of you proud and working together to turn Outlive Yourself into a National Movement! Let’s do this together!


Kilometers Biked: 0


Cayse Ruiter

 P.S. I will work on tracking down the radio interview and getting up here when I have a chance. 


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