The Left is the Best Coast (so far)

I arrived on the West Coast a couple of days ago, making my way to Vancouver Island and catching a bus to Tofino just about as quickly as I could. I spent most of my ferry ride to the Island contemplating why the hell it has taken me so long to get out here.

The vistas—lush forests, mountains rising from ocean, infinite skies—are magnificent.  Words really cannot do this place justice.  For anyone smart enough to live on the West Coast, good on you!  For all of those longing to come back, why would you ever leave? And for all those who have yet to visit, I urge you to get on it. 

I will be spending the next couple of days in Tofino with Mark McKeough and Melissa Sereda who have been generous (read: courageous) enough to put me up and show me around.  We went surfing yesterday which was amazing despite the frigid waters and all the salt water I swallowed, and spent today exploring some of the amazing hiking trails in and around town.

Life definitely moves at a more relaxed pace out here.  I am pretty grateful to have some time to kick back and enjoy myself before I take off on this journey.  I have enjoyed meeting new friends, trading stories and sharing about my journey.  It’s amazing to see people so excited and interested in what I am doing.  I hope the momentum continues to build as the days pass.  

For all of the friends and family back home wondering what the best part of my trip has been so far, I have to be honest, it’s the lack of mosquitos compared to Ottawa… Just kidding, it’s the view!



 This is just a small slice of paradise,  I can’t wait for what the rest of Canada has in store for me!   

Here is to exploring new places with friendly faces. Can’t wait for the moments and memories yet to come. 

Salt water swallowed: Too much

Kilometers biked: 0





2 thoughts on “The Left is the Best Coast (so far)

  1. I knew i saw a familiar face on ctv tweet photo haha. This is amazing and inspiring! Look forward to following the journey:)

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